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Best Immune System Boosters: Review Top Immunity Supplements

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The human body is a miraculous masterpiece of nature. It constitutes numerous minuscule individual parts forming up complex organs that rule our lives with proper systematic interactions. The body is a complex network of cells, tissues, and organs known as the immune system.

An immune system is the principal protector of your body against illness, diseases, and infections. The attack of germs like bacteria or viruses on the body is dealt with by this natural defense system. A good and capable immune system is the secret of good health for the whole body. Some people are blessed with naturally strong immune systems, whereas others work hard on developing a potent immune system by following a healthy way of life and good habits.

To ensure a healthy and well-functioning immune system, many people opt for daily supplements that support natural immunity and assist good health. These supplements contain vitamin C, zinc, herbal and plant extracts, or other compounds scientifically proven to support immune health. One can find hundreds of supplement options in the market to aid with immune strength. Not all of them are as effective as they claim. We did hours of research to find supplements available in the market that work as they promise. Keep reading to discover the best immunity-supporting supplements of 2021.

Best Immunity Boosters of 2021

To avail our readers with the best immunity supporting supplements, our editorial team did the research on numerous immunity boosters, studied lab reports, and after careful consideration, created a list of the best immune system support supplements of 2021.

  • VitaPost Immune Support
  • Mushroom Defense
  • VitaPost Immune Complex
  • Zenith Labs Nano C
  • Epishield Plus
  • Advanced Bionutrionals Resistol
  • Organixx 7M +
  • BioShield MD
  • VitaPost Turmeric and Ginger
  • Immuno Defense 4x
  • Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense
  • Immunity 911
  • Immunity Formulas Immune Support

VitaPost Immune Support

Enriched with a wide range of traditional botanical extracts, VitaPost Immune Support aims to nourish the immune system. An excellent mixture of modern and traditional ingredients along with essential vitamins, the supplements assist in achieving a healthy immunity.

VitaPost Immune Support claims to be an all-rounder for nutritional support. The supplement’s multiple beneficial ingredients are beta-glucans, arabinogalactan, quercetin, green tea, vitamin C, vitamin E, and more. Some of the ingredients replete the system with antioxidants to battle against the free radicals and oxidation, Whereas the other ingredients target the well-functioning of various aspects of the immune system. The presence of proven effective ingredients in each pill of VitaPost Immune Support makes it one of the best immune support supplements available for consumption. The dietary supplement comes for $13.95, making it one of the best value options on our list.

Mushroom Defense

image 6

Who knew mushrooms aid the body’s immunity levels? But surprisingly enough mushrooms benefit the immune system quite well. Studies state that mushroom extracts can assist in combating fatigue and prevent cognitive decline of any sort. Mushrooms as, per reports, are beneficial to sharpen and improve memory and focus. Mushroom Defense is a powerful blend of ingredients that aids in protecting your body in opposition to pathogenic threats while also providing energy and cognition.

Mushroom Defense uses the efficient mixture of 10 mushroom mycelium and fruit bodies to strengthen the immune functioning of the system and improve the rapid response at the cellular level. The supplement is enriched with rare mushrooms sourced from a village in Brazil and the extracts of various clinically studied mushrooms like shiitake, chaga, maitake, turkey tail, and lion’s mane. This supplement combines the ancient wisdom of natural wellness with modern science to display the positive effects of the mushrooms used on your health. Mushroom Defense supplement comes at $59.99 with a 67-day refund policy. It may be an ideal choice if you prefer using mushroom extract-based dietary supplements.

VitaPost Immune Complex

image 4

A second immunity supporting supplement by VitaPost, the VitaPost Immune Complex, has many features similar to the Immune support. These features include scientifically proven ingredients and affordable prices. The Immune Complex has a multi-layered approach to support immunity with the formula containing essential vitamins, echinacea, elderberry, zinc, and probiotics. The herbal extracts assist in a healthy immune system by providing nutritional support.

The Immune Complex uses flavonoids like rutin, kaempferol, quercetin, and anthocyanidins that are set as potent antioxidants and support the immune system in multiple ways. Elderberry is effective in reducing the duration of cold and flu symptoms. Echinacea offers similar benefits to the system. 70% of the immune system is based in the gut VitaPost Immune complex targets to support gut health with its natural and effective components. This complex nutritional supplement is available at a rather simpler price of $11.95.

Zenith Labs Nano C

image 1

Formulated by Dr. Ryan Shelton of Zenith Labs, Nano C is an all-natural supplement that aids in increasing the immune system’s functioning triple the times. It assists the body while providing essential nutrients that boost the strength of overall immune cells. Dr. Shelton’s Zenith Labs Nano C is a special, bioavailable version of vitamin C found in a tincture. Few drops of this supplement daily support immunity.

Nano C is created to provide the body with nano versions of vitamin C for quick absorption by the body and flow in the bloodstream to empower the immune system. The formula works effortlessly, unlocking the immune system’s potential naturally. This supplement claims to strengthen the immune system, enhance absorption via nanotechnology, promote antibody production, aid speedy recovery from any viral or bacterial infections while assisting the body with additional benefits. The Nano C immune support dietary supplement costs just $49 for a bottle.

Epishield Plus

image 11

The fast-acting Epishield Plus claims to boost immunity within two hours of consumption. Like many supplements on this list, Simple Promise’s Epishield Plus contains vitamin C, vitamin D, and mushroom extracts. The powerful combination of these ingredients avails immunity-boosting benefits to the system. The supplement contains fermented yeast, an uncommon ingredient that aids in maintaining a strong and healthy immune system.

The Epishield Plus is a crowd popular supplement and is often out of stock on the Simple Promise website. This dietary supplement contains EpiCor, a dried yeast derived from saccharomyces cerevisiae, found in just one more supplement on this list. The presence of yeast aids your sinus health. The supplement assists the body with strong nasal and respiration support and acts as a natural health reinforcement. All immunity support supplements provide essential nutrients to the body through their ingredients but, Simple Promise’s Epishield Plus avails the innovative benefits of fermented yeast extracts for $49.

Advanced Bionutrionals Resistol

image 14

Advanced Bionutrionals new formula, Resistol, aims to improve the energy and health of the body. The supplement contains ingredients like Andrographis, Eleuthera, Platycodon, prickly chaff flower, and licorice that aids in eliminating illness and keeping the body healthy. The daily consumption of these ingredients is proven beneficial for the immune system’s functioning.

Advanced Bionutrionals Resistol aims at flushing out toxins from the body before they cause any damage. The formula shows an effective impact in stopping cough, congestion, sore throat, and fever. Advanced Bionutrionals focused on a different approach of using the herb and plant extracts uncommon in other supplement formulas. The supplement supports the immune system’s needs to protect the users from the onset of many diseases. Resistol avails the body of defense against illnesses from the inside, creating an extra barrier of protection. You can gain all the benefits of this supplement with traditional Asian ingredients at an affordable price of $29.95.

Organixx 7M +

image 5

Another supplement on our list contains mushroom extracts benefiting immune health. Organixx 7M+ formula includes extracts of shiitake, reishi, and maitake mushrooms. These three are the most popular and scientifically proven effective ingredients for the body’s immunity. The extracts are full of beta-glucans, a little-known nutrient that activates the cellular immunity defense system and delivers anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

Organixx 7M + is an effective mushroom extract-based supplement available at just $55. Each mushroom extract provides individual benefits but, when combined, their immunity supporting potency is increased exponentially. The formula also contains four other potent nutritional mushrooms called Chaga, cordyceps, Lion’s Mane, and turkey tail that enhance the immunity-supporting power of the supplement. Organixx recommends a daily intake of the supplement to avail the effective benefits like reducing inflammation, healthy digestion, and optimized immune functions while protecting the body from various pains and aches. The supplement provides complete protection for the immune system to support healthy and graceful aging.

BioShield MD

image 13

Genuine medical reports back every best immune support supplement on this list. Medical doctors or immune specialists can formulate these reports. Dr. Mark Rosenberg formulated BioShield MD to aid immunity, natural energy, joint health, mental health, and more.

The supplement claims to support inflammation throughout the body to ease the functions of the immune system. Sun Coast Sciences created BioShield MD to avail maximum bioavailability and clinically effective immune support.

BioShield MD made our list due to the best and most proven ingredients for immune support at the right dosages. The supplement does not believe in flooding the body with tons of ineffective ingredients. Still, it emphasizes strong doses of that cherry extract, cocoa extract, curcumin, resveratrol, quercetin, and green tree extracts. The supplement is packed with ingredients rich in antioxidants and flavonoids to support immune functions in multiple ways and avail a natural boost to the system. BioShield MD can be purchased for $49.95

VitaPost Turmeric and Ginger

image 2

The final dietary supplement from VitaPost on our list, Turmeric, and Ginger, is a premium blend that contains BioPerine to support a healthy immune system and joint health by providing the body with antioxidants. Ginger and turmeric are a common combination used by many to gain immunity-supporting benefits and antioxidant support, making them two of the most popular superfoods in the immunity community. This supplement avails your body of the powerful combination of these ingredients at your convenience.

Each pill of VitaPost Turmeric and Ginger contains 100mg of ginger and 500mg of organic turmeric. An added 50mg dose of turmeric with 95% curcuminoids and 5mg of black pepper extract boosts absorption of nutrients. The functional components present in the ingredients are gingerol, shogaol, and parasols that display potent antioxidant properties and are involved in various chemical activities to support the immune system’s functioning. It is an ideal choice for those who prefer a simple, organic, and effective supplement at a reasonable price of just $23.95.

Immuno Defense 4x

image 7

JayLab Pro’s Immuno Defense 4x is an effective immune support supplement constituted of just four ingredients. These potent ingredients are EpiCor, quercetin, bromelain, and vitamin D3. Like other effective supplements on this list, Immuno Defense 4x focuses on consuming strong dosages of minimum quantities of ingredients and not flooding the body with unnecessary quantities of ingredients. Each capsule of the supplement provides the body with 500mg of EpiCor and 500mg of quercetin along with strong doses of bromelain (150mg) and vitamin D3 (166% DV).

Immuno Defence is backed by science to avail health benefits for the complete system. The supplement works on the inflame-aging aspects, thus assisting with various ailments linked to the system’s aging. It aids problems like the common cold, congestion, fatigue, sore throats, and more. A weaker immune system is home to numerous illnesses and issues. Immuno Defense 4x claims to provide support and prevent these. This is the second supplement on the list to use EpiCor, a dried yeast, as a core ingredient. The supplement fits the middle range of price on this list and is available for $44.95.

Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense

image 12

Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense is one of the doctor’s approved supplements on this list. The formula is claimed to act as a powerful anti-inflammatory that allows the body to support anti-viral activities and strengthen immune health. The supplement promises to combat the attack of any dangerous pathogens inside the body.

These new, breakthrough supplements work on strengthening and protecting the immune functions at a quick pace. Created under the expertise of Dr. John Gordon, the Q-Ion Immune Defense Formula contains quercetin, zinc, bromelain, and green tea extracts along with the Ion-Blast technology that adds an extra level of bioavailability to the quercetin and zinc used, availing faster and quicker absorption by the system. The pill aids in protection and relief from cold, cough, high fever, deep fatigue, and respiratory issues. Bromelain may aid in reducing inflammatory symptoms of sinus and nasal infections. Doctor G’s Naturals Q-Ion Immune Defense protects you from harmful invaders and supports the immune functions efficiently at the cost of $79.95.

Immunity 911

image 9

Immunity 911 supplement offers efficacious immune system support with the help of its powerful combination of the world’s best immune-boosting ingredients. The combination of these ingredients supports the body’s first line

of defense against infection. The supplement uses a wide range of ingredients in adequate dosages, unlike the other competing supplements on this list. The formula is developed to stimulate the healthy growth of brand new cells. Naturally sourced pure ingredients make the supplement effective in supporting immune functioning.

According to Phytage Labs, the components used in Immunity 911 are guaranteed effective. This supplement contains low doses of vitamin C (33% DV) and vitamin E (133%) compared to others on this list. Still, it contains strong doses of Graviola leaf extract, red raspberry fruit extract, and green tea leaf extract to function as the first three ingredients of the formula. The manufacturers lack transparency to support their health claims, thus making it harder to evaluate the supplement’s benefits. The formula enriched with superfruits, herbs, and mushroom extracts is available for purchase at $69.95.

Immunity Formulas Immune Support

image 8

The Immunity Formulas Immune Support consists of therapeutic-grade herbal essential oils that can effectively aid all immune and virus issues caused to the body. The product has a multi-action virus defense blend to keep the system and body safe from any viral infections. Immune Support is topically applicable and acts as your natural viral defense, boosts the body’s immunity, sanitizes the surfaces, and purifies the air. Daily intake of these essential oils can provide you with powerful benefits.

The significant essential oils used in this product are lemon, oregano, peppermint, turmeric, and cinnamon. Some studies have shown these essential oils can support immunity a bit, whereas other studies have been less enthusiastic. If you prefer to breathe in your immune supplement or absorb it through your skin, then the Immunity Formulas Immune Support may be the right choice for you. This also is an excellent alternative to hand sanitizers and provides complete protection from viral infections at $64.99.

How We Ranked the Best Immunity Boosters

For more information on every brand listed on this post, follow the links to visit the official supplement website:

Every nutritional supplement promises an improved functioning of the body’s immune system. Some brands claim the use of proven effective ingredients, whereas others function on the efficiency of scientifically studied herbal extracts. Our list aims to identify the best and the worse immune support supplements available in the market based on the following aspects:

Scientifically-Proven Ingredients

The contents of a supplement are paramount for effective performance. Components like zinc, vitamin C, vitamin D, probiotics, and elderberry extracts are scientifically proven effective in supporting the immune system. We preferred supplements with medically proven ingredients that assist the immune system for enhanced immunity and functioning.

Effective Dosages

The efficacy of an immune supplement depends on the usage of suitable ingredients in appropriate dosages. The market avails several supplements that use the right ingredients at the wrong dosages. Other products are full of ingredients, but the doses are insufficient to serve the immune system’s improvement. Scientifically proven dosages and capabilities of the ingredients in the product are preferred the most.

Honest Health Benefits

Under regulations stated by FDA, no supplements can promise to provide remedy over diseases or avail health benefits. Supplements can only claim to support health. It has resulted in some products dropping terms like booster from their names. Some supplement brands still advertise themselves as cure-alls claiming to cure diseases, prevent covid-19 and provide various health benefits. We tried our best to eliminate supplements with false claims and dishonest promises.

Manufacturing Location

We selected supplements produced carefully in certified and authorized facilities. Our prime choice was the supplements with the maximum transparency throughout the manufacturing process. We noted that few supplements obtain the products from the overseas factory with cheaper costs or use local FDA-approved facilities.

Medical Advisory Board

A medical advisory board is an integral part of supplement manufacturing companies. The board is responsible for creating and reviewing the formulas that are best suitable for immunity boosting. The best supplement companies ensure the appointment of a medical advisory board to overlook product development with their medical expertise. The absence of medically professional staff makes the supplement formula less legitimate and untrustworthy.

Manufacturer’s Reputation

The Covid-19 pandemic has availed many manufacturers with opportunities to sell new immune support supplements to make quick cash. We have chosen manufacturers with an established reputation and offer honest, effective immunity aiding supplements while functioning at high levels of transparency.

Ingredient Sources

Various immunity booster ingredients include rare and uncommon components with special medicinal qualities. The companies claim to source some of these ingredients from exotic locations. We preferred nutritional supplements with trustworthy and reputable ingredient sources.

Price and Value

Every customer expects an effective supplement within their budget. It may range from $10 to $100. Our list contains a range of immunity support supplements at different price ranges. We tried to emphasize good value at every price.

Side Effects of Immunity Boosters

If consumed as per the prescribed dosage, immunity supplements do not tend to cause any side effects. All the nutritional supplement components have to be Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA. These ingredients, when taken in normal dosages, are recognized as safe. All well-established supplement manufacturing companies are known to adhere to the list of ingredients.

Indigestion, bloating, or mild stomach discomfort is possible when consuming the immunity support supplements for the first time. Few users may face issues with any particular ingredient in the product.

Consulting a doctor before taking any kind of supplements is ideal; it is crucial if you are on any medications or have an illness.

image 10

Scientific Evidence for Immunity Boosters

Some studies show the benefits of certain fruits, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and plant extracts to support the immune system and its functions. Daily intake of these ingredients can result in a strong and well-developed natural defense against illness, diseases, and anybody ailments. People opt for additional oral supplements to maintain the mannerly functioning of the immune system as it is responsible for the overall health and well-being of the body.

A well-balanced diet and healthy lifestyle go a long way and promote a strong immune system with efficient responses to any antigens or pathogens. Hydration and ample amount of sleep also help in maintaining healthy immune functions. Prioritizing the immune system’s health will help achieve a fitter and healthier body. Carelessness and poor maintenance of the system make you prone to various ailments that can turn into fatal consequences.

The excessive consumption of alcohol, smoking, stress, bad sleeping schedules, dehydration, obesity, and insufficient exercise can deplete the immune system’s functioning capacities and make you more susceptible to harmful diseases.

Best Ingredients For Immune Support

Following are some of the popular ingredients used in oral immune support supplements scientifically proven to aid the system’s functioning:

Vitamin C

An essential ingredient found in almost every immune support supplement, vitamin C has various proven benefits for the human body. It is also popular for its benefits to the immune system. Vitamin C encourages the production of lymphocytes or white blood cells that protect the body against infection. It is responsible for boosting the functional capabilities of the white blood cells by protecting them from any harm or damage caused by the free radicals. The skin defense system needs vitamin C, as it acts as an antioxidant and helps strengthen the skin barriers. The body needs it to synthesize collagen, L-carnitine, and neurotransmitters. Studies show that vitamin C can cut short the healing time of wounds. The deficiency of this vitamin has resulted in poor health outcomes.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D has various effects on cells within the immune system. The role of vitamin D in the immune system has been acknowledged for 35 years now. Vitamin D plays a crucial role in modulating both the innate and the acquired immunity systems. It is of great importance in autoimmunity. The deficiency of this vitamin can result in various autoimmune diseases. Daily exposure to sunlight is the most efficient and natural way to stock up vitamin D in the system.


Proteins are the paramount nutrients essential for the functioning of the immune system. They are the backbone of our body’s defense mechanism. Proteins are composed of amino acids responsible for forging immunity. Leukocytes, cytokines, phagocytes are the immune cells that benefited from the presence of protein. The natural sources of proteins are fish, beans, eggs, nuts, poultry, and more. Many immune support supplements overlook the benefits of protein and fail to include it. Protein intake is crucial as it supports immunity throughout the body.


A majority of people consume zinc supplements. The importance of this mineral is a lot more than we know. Similar to vitamin D, the deficiency of Zinc results in a weak immune system with poor responses. Studies have shown that lower zinc amounts in the body result in potential risks of developing infectious diseases. Zinc is essential for immune cell function and cell signaling. The intake of Zinc supplements stimulates certain immune cells and effectively reduces oxidative stress. A sufficient amount of zinc present in the body promotes immune response in older adults. The natural sources of zinc are meat, oyster, nuts, and whole grains.


Probiotics are the most popular ingredient found in supplements all over the market. Probiotics are the good bacteria known to maintain a healthy digestive and immune system. Studies suggest that 70% of the immune cells are present in the gut. On the entrance of any foreign invader in the system, the probiotics secrete protective substances to boost the immune functions and prevent the invader’s attack. Probiotics have also been related to aiding immune-related diseases and viral infections. They are also linked to treat and prevent seasonal allergies. Foods loaded with these good bacterias are plain greek yogurt, kefir, and fermented vegetables.


Elderberries are rapidly gaining popularity all over the world for their numerous medicinal and health benefits. Historically used as a cure for cold and flu, the elderberry extracts are proving more effective in recovery from these diseases. These berries contain a bunch of immune-boosting antioxidants and vitamins A, B, and C. They serve to keep the immune system strong and powerful to defend against any types of infections. Studies show proven results that consuming elderberry supplements reduce the length and severity of fever, headache, and other symptoms associated with cold or flu.


Echinacea has been used as a medicinal plant for centuries now. It is validated as an immune support ingredient that shortens the duration and severity of respiratory infections and colds. Echinacea has been deemed more effective when consumed on the onset of symptoms rather than later. Research shows that echinacea is responsible for increasing the number of white blood cells that serve to fight infections. It is loaded with compounds that function as antioxidants to defend the cells from oxidative stress. The echinacea plants contain compounds known as alkamides. They are responsible for enhancing antioxidant activity like renewing worn-out antioxidants and provide them with a better reach to molecules prone to oxidative stress.


Ginger is a popular ingredient in immune support supplements nowadays. Traditionally used for medicinal purposes, ginger is gaining recognition for its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. The presence of Gingerol makes ginger a perfect immunity booster. Like garlic, ginger contains antibacterial and anti-viral properties that keep several diseases away and fight infection. All these features make ginger a superfood for assisting immunity.


Turmeric is widely popular for its antioxidant properties. Many people consume turmeric regularly to aid immunity. Rich in curcuminoids like curcumin, turmeric also serves anti-inflammatory properties. A study suggests that turmeric supports the immune system by activating multiple immune cells. The presence of curcumin aids in boosting immunity and fighting viral replication. It also suppresses various inflammatory molecules responsible for the causes of damage by viruses. Many studies have stated that the absorption of turmeric is poor unless consumed with black pepper extracts.

There are multiple pieces of evidence linking immune support supplements to scientific benefits. It is also proven that the best immune support supplement contains ingredients, including the ones mentioned above, that are linked to support immunity.

Immunity Boosters Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does immunity work?

A: An immune system is the fighter mechanism that keeps your body healthy and safe from harmful material. The body’s immune response has multiple layers. The first layer consists of defenses like cough reflex or tears acting as the first line of defense against pathogens. A healthy immune system can effectively protect the body against foreign invaders.

Q: What are T-cells?

A: T-cells are the fighting mechanisms that work two ways to protect the body from foreign agents. The helper T cells work on activating B cells, secreting antibodies, and killing infected target cells. Whereas the killer T cells directly target and destroy the infected cells without the production of antibodies. Some immunity-boosting supplements specifically claim to target T cells.

Q: What are antibodies?

A: Antibodies, also referred to as immunoglobulins, are the proteins naturally produced by the immune system in response to the interference of any foreign substances in the body. They are the key players in the search-and-destroy army of our systems. The body needs antibodies to fight diseases and infections.

Q: What are the best vitamins for immunity?

A: Vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin D are some of the most popular vitamins for immunity. Vitamin C prevents infections or shortens their stay. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that aids the boy fight off infection. Vitamin D is one of the most paramount and powerful nutrients for the immune system.

Q: What is innate immunity?

A: Innate immunity is present at birth and does not have to be learned through exposure to any invading foreign substances. It is the body’s natural defense against pathogens trying to enter the body. Parts of innate immunity include the skin, mucus, and stomach acid. Sweat and tears contain enzymes that have antibacterial properties. Some nutritional supplements claim to target innate immunity specifically.

Q: What is adaptive immunity?

A: Adaptive or acquired immunity is the immune system that develops over time with experience and learning to recognize a foreign invader. The spleen, bone marrow, thymus, and lymph nodes are the regulatory parts of acquired immunity. Whenever the body faces any threat of pathogens, these organs and cells create antibodies in response.

Q: What are the best foods for immunity?

A: A strong immune system keeps the body healthy. A healthy and balanced diet plays a crucial part in keeping the system healthy and boost its functions. Berries, dark chocolate, red grapes, leafy greens, turmeric, elderberry, and ginger are some of the foods ideal for strengthening the body’s immunity.

Q: What are the worst foods for immunity?

A: The diet is responsible for how well a body functions. Nutrient-dense diets aid in boosting the immune system, whereas a diet low in nutrients and full of highly processed food weakens the immune functions. Foods added with sugar, artificial trans fats, refined carbs, and processed fast foods are responsible for weakening the body’s immune system.

Q: Does losing weight boost immunity?

A: Studies suggest that people with a healthy weight are more likely to have stronger immune systems than overweight people.

Q: What are the best practices for a healthy immune system?

A: Embracing a healthy lifestyle and maintaining a well-balanced diet is the best way to strengthen the immune system. Exercising regularly is very effective for maintaining a healthy immune system.

Q: What habits hurt immune health?

A: A poor immune system is prone to various fatal ailments. Activities like smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and poor eating and exercising habits are responsible for hurting the immune system. A careless and unhealthy lifestyle leads to the weakening of immune health.

Q: How is gut health linked to immunity?

A: The human body has more bacterial cells than human cells. At least 70% to 80% of all cells in the immune system are present in the gut. Actively found in the gut, these bacterial cells help digestion and support the gut to build a healthy immunity. Many people take probiotics and other various gut health supplements to support the immune system effectively.

Q: How does age impact immunity?

A: The older a body gets, the weaker the immunity grows. Older people have a weaker immune system compared to younger people. Weaker immune strength results in the body more susceptible to diseases and harm. However, exercise and healthy lifestyle habits can positively affect the immune system’s functioning regardless of age.

Q: Do immune supplements improve immunity?

A: Many supplements assist in improving immunity, even if they do not advertise it primarily. As per the FDA regulations, no supplement can claim to provide health benefits, cure diseases, or improve immunity. However, they do provide certain benefits that aid in stimulating rapid defense response.

Q: How does exercise impact immunity?

A: Our body is a system of multiple complex organs and mechanisms. It is recorded that people with healthy body weight are inclined to have better immunity. Moderate exercise is ideal for improved immunity. However, arduous exercise can result in a strain on the body and can reduce immunity due to poor recovery.

Q: How does vitamin C help immunity?

A: Vitamin C is an antioxidant that neutralizes free radicals from the body. Free radicals are the factors responsible for causing ailments and illness. The presence of vitamin C in the body shortens the duration of illness as it encourages the production of white blood cells to fight against any infections.

Q: How does vitamin D help immunity?

A: Vitamin D is a paramount component that impacts various facets of the immune system, aiding its functioning. Vitamin D deficiency in a person results in a poorly functioning immune system compared to the immunity in people exposed to vitamin D daily.

Q: Is echinacea beneficial for immunity?

A: Echinacea has been medically used to aid the functioning of the immune system for centuries now. Studies have even reported echinacea effective in curing cold and flu symptoms. It is also responsible for increasing the number of white blood cells that are defensive against any infection in the body.

Q: How does zinc help immunity?

A: Zinc plays a crucial role in the immunity functioning of the body. From being a skin barrier to gene regulation within lymphocytes, zinc actively promotes normal cell development and immune system’s functioning. Zinc is known to shorten the duration of colds.

Q: How do probiotics help immunity?

A: Probiotics are proven to support gut health. The gut is home to 70% of immune cells, so focusing on the betterment of gut health can aid in improving immune functions. Probiotics are said to reduce the length of respiratory infections.

Q: Does elderberry help improve immunity?

A: Elderberry is a popular traditional remedy in Europe to assist immune functions. Backed with actual scientific evidence, elderberry is rich in vitamin C that helps reduce the length of cold and flu symptoms. Studies also suggest that elderberry helps in speedy recovery from colds better than placebos.

Q: Can turmeric help with immunity?

A: Turmeric contains curcuminoids like curcumin rich in antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric aids the immune function by targeting inflammation. The regular intake of turmeric has served various powerful benefits.

Q: How does stress affect the immune system?

A: Stress is a damaging factor that weakens the immune system and its functions. Whenever you experience stress, the body releases cortisol, adrenaline, and other stress hormones to cope. Cortisol is responsible for decreasing inflammation in the body. But chronic stress can result in serious damages to the system and lead to chronic ailments.

Q: Does exposure to germs increase immunity?

A: Exposure to germs is what builds up your acquired immunity. Your immune system needs germs to stay healthy and adapt accordingly. Whenever the body encounters a foreign substance, it fights the invader and memorizes it for further interactions.

Q: Are allergies the sign of immune issues?

A: Allergies are a result of a mistaken immune response. The body misidentifies something like pollen or food as a pathogen and shoots up the immune response to combat the mistaken invader, causing the body to experience allergy symptoms.

Q: What are autoimmune disorders?

A: In some cases, the body detects a false invasion and attacks itself. The body starts attacking and destroying the internal tissues when it mistakenly identifies them as invaders or foreign pathogens. This phenomenon is known as autoimmunity. The commonly occurring autoimmune disorders are multiple sclerosis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and psoriasis.

Q: Does garlic help with immunity?

A: Garlic is a commonly used ingredient in every household for its medicinal and culinary purposes. Garlic has an active component named allicin sativum, which contains antiviral and antimicrobial properties effective against the common cold. Some studies suggest that garlic has significant immune support benefits, while others found no linkage. However, garlic remains one of the most popular natural remedies for immunity.

Q: How do vaccines impact immunity?

A: Vaccines are a precautionary measure. They work by stimulating the body’s immune system to produce antibodies against the invader. The dose from the vaccine works without infecting the body to help the immune system learn defense against the disease. Most vaccines use unique strains of the pathogen. When the body faces an actual pathogen attack, it eliminates the pathogens effortlessly with zero to no symptoms.

Best Immunity Boosters Conclusion

The human body can gain nutrients from the food and drinks we consume but, to maintain consistent wellness and healthy immune functioning, adding an extra immune-support supplement always helps. These supplements contain essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and different herbal extracts to support the immune system and its functioning. The most prominently used ingredients are vitamin C, vitamin D, Zinc, and Echinacea. Use our handpicked list to choose the ideal support supplement for your immune system. The right supplement could aid your body in combating various infections by supporting your natural immunity.

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