February 8, 2023

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Fire Pits and Self Improvement – Time Management

Time management is one of those crucial activities that can be the key to success in your life. Time management is for individuals that care about how they spend their time, have goals in life, and want to actively pursue those goals. By making a habit in your own life, you are proactively taking control of your goals in life.

Once a week, I am always sure to take one hour to schedule out the upcoming week. I make sure that no one disturbs me during this time. I also make sure to choose an area to plan out my schedule that is quiet and motivational. One of my favorite locations for planning my week is in front of my fire pit in the backyard.

I have found that planning my schedule in front of a fire pit puts me at ease. In a relaxing environment, focusing on effective time management for the upcoming week becomes very easy.

Time management allows you to thrive in improving yourself, because it makes it easier for you to achieve your goals. To begin, start off by defining your biggest priorities for the week. Maybe you are a student and have exams throughout the week. Or, maybe you have a couple important meetings coming up. Whatever is important to you, be sure to list it out as your “top priorities.” After you have made this list, then go through the next seven days and set aside time for each priority. Doing this ensures that you will complete these important activities at some point during the week.

After you have planned out all of your important priorities for the week, do not forget to include time for your physical and mental health. Instead of working 24/7, be sure to set aside time for running, jogging, or other physical activities you enjoy. By doing this, you are actually helping your success in the future. Keeping your body healthy and functioning is directly critical to your success in other areas of your life.

Another way to view time management is by “roles.” View your role as a father, mother, or sibling, and list out your goals for that role for the week. This view of time management can often be more successful for people who are new to the idea of time management.

While you are in your backyard and working uninterrupted in front of your fire pit.